Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exceptions Made for Learning ABC's

As parents, it seems like we are always struggling with the amount of television and the quality of the programs our children watch. The other area of trouble is limiting the amount of sweet treats.  Well, here are two exceptions I have made with my son that are helping with the ABC's. 
1.  TELEVISION When I was teaching Kindergarten I would recommend to parents the movie, Letter Factory by Leap Frog if their child needed additional help learning their letters and sounds.  Well, I was at Costco the other day and saw the DVD.  I figured it was time to introduce my favorite kid movie to my two year old son.  Lets just say I wish I could say I taught him his letters and sounds, but I can't!!!!  For about two weeks he was obsessed.  (It was a refreshing break from the Thomas the Train movies.)   My husband and I agreed that if he is going to watch something, why not something educational. We were amazed by how many letters and sounds he has learned.  More importantly he has an interest in the ABC's!
2.  SWEET TREATS  In our house, strawberries and raisins are considered our "sweet treats".  However, Trader Joes has a container of Cinnamon School Book letter and number cookies that we eat as treats.  Occasionally after dinner I will take out a couple cookies and put them in front of my son.  I usually try to make one cookie a vowel, so I can model sounding out a word.  (Yes I realize he is too young, but it doesn't hurt - he'll get it one day!)  He tells me either the letter or the sound, if he knows it, and I say some familiar words to him that begin with the letter.   We have fun playing and eating the cookies!

Letter Factory™ DVD - Appropriate for Ages 24 Months to 5 Years

Letter Factory™ DVD

What are your exceptions?  I'd love to hear!