Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unique Rudolph - Work of Art

This piece of holiday art will fit in an 11x14 frame.  Perfect to take out each Christmas to see your child's sweet little antler hands and fingerprints as the "Christmas lights" on the matte.
Cut a piece of green paper to 8x10. Rudolph is made from a brown triangle, 2 medium white and 2 small black circles for the eyes and one red circle nose.  Once glued on the bottom of the page, paint each hand brown for the antlers.

Footprints with 3 month old Isla!
  For the matte, I bought an 11x14 cream colored matte from Wal Mart found in the picture frame section.  Use Elmer's glue to make a wavy line go around the matte.  Place green yarn onto the glue to create the "string" for the lights.  The kids use their fingertips dipped in red and green paint to make the "Christmas lights".  They all turned out so cute and were so proud of their art!  Merry Christmas!!!

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