Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day Craft Ideas

These projects were done throughout the week.  Remember, have fun and it is the thought that counts.  Dad will treasure whatever their child gives them on their special day!
This year I thought I'd let my son be creative and have some fun, so we started with finger painting.  He enjoyed the process and mess, but not "gift" quality.  So we tried something else.   Hand prints and foot prints are always a hit so we went to the kitchen to make some dough together.  In a bowl mix 1 cups flour, 1 cups salt, 1/2 cup water, 1 T cooking oil.  Add more flour until it isn't sticky.  We added green food coloring, (daddy's favorite color) and mixed until blended.  We went outside and my son kneaded the dough.  After playing with the dough for awhile, I helped him pat out the dough on parchment paper.  We tried a few variations until we settled on a hand print.  I cut around it in the shape of a "D".  "D" is for Daddy.   Pole a whole at the top with a straw.  We left it in the sun to dry.  He will paint it when it is completely dry.  I will add a ribbon in the hole with this poem attached:  
D is for Daddy
I give my hand
to you this day!
Remember me now,
as I grow and play!

June 2011
My son drew a picture of his daddy.  And finally I ordered a card from Shutterfly.  A special thank you to Shelbi for capturing this shot of my son.  You are an amazing photographer!
It will be a Father's Day to remember.