Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favorite ACTIVE Activities to do on a Rainy Day

The clock seems to move ever so slowly on those cold, winter days where everyone is anxious to get outside and play.  Here are three of my favorite indoor activities that are fun, safe and get you moving with the kids.

1.  Snowball Fight - Take tissue paper, paper towels or toilet paper and make balls.  Then away you go...have fun throwing the balls at each other. You can even move a bed out a bit to hide behind for safety from flying snowballs.

2.  Ice Skating - Put on some classical music and grab some paper plates.  Stand on the paper plates and start sliding your feet across the floor.  It is fun to hold your child's hands and slide them around.

3.  Balloon Pass - Blow up a balloon and start passing and catching it.  Try counting how many times you can bounce it off your head?

The best part about these activities is that no one or nothing can get hurt.  It is a great way to break up the usual play activities.  Have Fun!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snowman Mobile

Supplies:  white construction paper cut into circles, 2 identical hats (color your choice), yarn or ribbon, glue and markers or crayons
Directions:  Decide how many circles you want for your snowman.  I made it long enough for each circle to be a letter of the child's name.  Once it is done it will spell out their name OR you can just decorate it as you wish and add buttons and other fun details.  
Step One:  Line up snowman and apply glue.

Step Two: Place yarn or ribbon onto glue and MATCH up the other circles and hat.

Step 3: Decorate your snowman.