Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It is that time of year when we are struggling to find some meaningful and heartfelt gift for our moms or mother-in-laws.  Usually it ends up being a photo of the family or kids.  Yes, they love photos, but after awhile they run out of space to display these cherished images.  Here are some inexpensive alternatives that she will love and be proud to display.

Photo Flowerpot:  Originally saw this idea on under Teacher Gifts but thought Grandma would love and appreciate it too.  You can use photos of your family or include photos of all the grandchildren and/or their families.
Depending on the number of photos, chose a terracotta pot to fit.  Print the photos on regular printer paper.  You or your child paint the pot first.  When dry, modge-podge the pictures onto the pot.  Once everything is glued down well (with some coats on top) spray the whole thing down with some clear acrylic spray to remove any stickiness.
I found this quote that would be the perfect finishing touch:   "A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart."  Author: Unknown

Garden Stone:  These are always a hit and easy to make.  Handprint or footprints make it a special keepsake.
Brag Bag and Shutterfly 8x8 book

Brag Bag: Paint your child/children handprint using fabric paint on a canvas bag.  Once dry, put a special book about Grandmas or if you have time, a digital photo book inside.  She can take this anywhere and show off to her friends.
One of my favorite books for Grandma is The Gifts of Bring Grand and Grand-O-Grams by Mariane Richmond.
 "The Gifts of Being Grand", for grandparents everywhere, pays tribute to the special joys and rewards of grandparenthood.  You can have your child add a letter to grandma telling the reasons why they love them or have them draw a picture.  "Grand-O-Grams" is a bound book of 40 everyday and seasonal postcards that allow grandparents to keep in touch with those precious grandchildren.  I added a book of postcard stamps. 
The Storyteller in Lafaette has a great selection of books. 30 Lafayette Cir Lafayette, CA 94549 
Craft supplies and garden kits can be purchased at Michaels in Pleasant Hill.

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