Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Teacher has Heart and Soul - Class Gift

As the year comes to an end, our class generously gave money toward a gift card for our teacher's favorite places.  We also wanted to make sure they had something to "remember" this class.  We decided on an apron, which any primary/preschool teacher can use.
I planned a class park date and we were able to complete this project  at that time.
All materials were purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts.  Red apron, white fabric paint, Sharpie paint pen and sponge paint brush.  Additional items: WET WIPES

I wrote: "Miss Luci has HEART and SOUL" near the top of apron.  Then I had the kids take turns painting their foot or hands.  *Make sure the apron is turned upside down when painting the hands to make it look like a heart.  This paint dries relatively quick.  I wrote the child's name below their prints and the name of the school and year at the bottom of the apron.
My son pressed his hands in a giant red ink pad to make the bag for the aprons and filled it with red tissue paper.  You can also use red paint.

This project cost approx. $15 for 2 aprons, one bottle of paint and one paint pen.

The teacher's loved it!

* This would be a great gift for Fathers, Mothers or Grandparents! *

Do you have any fun ideas to share???  :)

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