Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edible Witches Hat

 Edible Witches Hats
This year we wanted to make an edible Halloween craft that would be easy, quick, fun and delicious.  Thinking we would do the spider made out of a cookie and pretzel for legs, I found this idea instead. 
Supplies:  ice cream cone, round cookie for the base, frosting, Halloween sprinkles and a gummie worm or spider, plastic knife or popsickle stick to spread the frosting, and paper plate to hold the creation. 
Then it is time to have some fun...put frosting on the cookie and press the ice cream cone onto the cookie and DECORATE! 
Note to self: Find a bigger cookie than the fudge striped cookie so there is more of a brim of the hat to decorate.  Also, use food coloring for the frosting.

Stayed tuned for the ice cream cone Christmas tree - another holiday favorite!

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