Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kindergarten Readiness Workshops

ABC Hunt
This is an exciting time for you and your child. As an experienced kindergarten teacher and parent of a kindergarten student myself, I know there are many questions and concerns:  “Is my child ready?  Will they know anyone?  What can I do to make this a smooth transition---socially and academically?”  
I will come to your Playgroup and lead fun, interactive activities that focus on a variety of basic phonemic awareness skills (letters, sounds, name recognition, etc), and math concepts.  You will take home parent-friendly ideas to reinforce Kindergarten readiness skills over the Summer.  This is a great opportunity for your group to have fun learning together and begin to build new friendships.  

Please feel free to contact me for more information:

*Child/Parent Workshop: 1.5 hours/$25, materials included  
All activities are based on skills necessary for Kindergarten.
1.  Welcome activity - names
2.  Circle  and whole group activity - story, song, name game
3.  Center activities - letter, sounds, and numbers
4.  Closing
5.  Parent Q&A

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Rainbow Writing Names and Sight Words
Here is what parents had to say after the Kindergarten Workshop:
“I think it was a nice "taste of kindergarten" and q&a  for us nervous parents.”  Amy

Just wanted to let you know that Tyler and I loved the workshop. I got ideas to work on over the summer and Tyler's apprehension about starting kindergarten is diminished.
Your patience and enthusiasm was wonderful.
Thanks,  Julie Duncan
"The class was definitely informative and it is a great first step to get our children more familiar and comfortable with kindergarten. Yes, my son was excited about K after we left and asked when we get to go back.  It was great, informative, well organized, and fun! Thank you!   Loretta Goltara

"I just wanted to let you know that Max told me after the class that he's not nervous about starting kindergarten anymore, only excited! I was so happy to hear that. I think the class was really helpful in making him feel more comfortable."
Thanks!  Rhonda Lauterbach

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are You My Mother?

This project was inspired by one of my favorite board books, Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman.  It is about a baby bird in search of his mother.
Supplies: giant blue washable ink pad or washable paint for the bird, wet wipes, gift basket filler for the nest, glue, card stock or construction paper, orange marker for the beak and black marker for the eye.  You can get creative and add additional details on your paper.
This simple handprint bird will be sure to put a smile on mom or grandma's face this Mother's Day!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mommy and Me - On the MOVE!

Register today for our next exciting session of Mommy and Me!  The theme will be "On the MOVE".  Get ready to move, sing and play with some of our favorite animals and vehicles!  We will spend the first four weeks exploring animals such as frogs and bunnies then move to trains, trucks and more.  Remember that each class begins with a simple thematic craft.  You will have fun with your child and take home some new fun ideas to do with your child.
When: Mondays, beginning April 14, 2014
9:30-10:20 OR 10:30-11-20
Where: Lamorinda Theater Academy
Who: 18 months - 3.5 years (infants welcome to join sibling)
Cost: $150 materials included
Why: Cherish these years with your child and get them excited about learning!!  :)

Sample of Memory Book Page - On the Move
Spring is Here!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leprechaun Hat....getting ready

We are days away from the hunt for Lucky the Leprechaun.  We are getting our disguises ready!
Hat made from a piece of construction paper folded in half, cut sides to look like a hat.  Only two staples needed on the brim of the hat.  Glue black strip and gold buckle and add their Irish name.
Leprechaun Spotters are made from 2 toilet paper rolls staples together with string attached to hang around their neck.
Hope this tricks the leprechaun!
(Not so sure why my leprechauns are so serious!)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainbow Mosaic

Every Spring I head to the store and get party streamers to match the colors of the rainbow. I make streamers for kids to dance with, door decorations and this year we practiced cutting them up in small pieces to make a mosaic.Afterr cutting up the pieces, we "painted" the glue on the rainbow using a sponge brush. Then we pressed the colors of the rainbow on the glue.  The cotton balls were the finishing touch. 
My older son is planning on using his rainbow as part of his leprechaun trap. (Pictures to follow)
For more rainbow activities, check out past March or St. Patrick's Day posts. Have a colorful day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Hands" Down cutest Lucky Clover

 In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d keep this project O’SIMPLE!  Yes, a lucky clover using only green paint or giant ink pad and cardstock or blank canvas.  Tip: have wet wipes close and paint outside or on a washable surface.  This creates less stress for you!
What makes this craft so special is the Irish Blessing you can add:
For each petal on this shamrock
This brings a wish your way,
Gook luck, good health, good friends, and happiness
For Today and Everyday!
March 17, 2014
(Modify text to fit your project- see photo)

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, maybe because I married into an Irish name (O’Daniels) or that I love the magic of leprechauns and rainbows.  There are so many fun ways to celebrate this day with your wee ones.  I like to leave notes from Lucky, the Leprechaun starting March first.  I encourage my son to write back and see if Lucky leaves us any clues to his pot of gold. We go on nature walks and listen for the tapping of shoemaking in the grass from the leprechauns, listen to Irish music and dance the jig.  On St. Patricks Day, I decorate the house with rainbow streamers, go on a hunt for Lucky and eat Lucky Charms.  Sometimes the toilet water is green!  You never know what mischief Lucky has in store for us!
I have lots of other ideas found on the left found under St. Patrick's Day.
How do you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day???

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Telling Time" with Skylanders

A great way to teach telling time is by using left over paper plates from your birthday party.  (A plain white plate will work too!)
Use a Sharpie to write the numbers 1-12 and the minute lines. We took two strips and cut ends to form a point  - one shorter than the other. We used a brad to attach strips to the middle of the plate.
Begin by introducing the hour hand.  Keep the minute hand (the longest hand) on the twelve and move the hour hand around the clock.  "It is __o'clock." Talk about events during the day: breakfast, school begins, lunch, dinner, bedtime, etc.  Eventually move to the half-hour, and then counting by 5's.