Monday, May 19, 2014

Monster Truck Art

Boys of all ages seem to love monster trucks. They are also great to use to paint tire tracks. They have great tread and are easy to roll without getting too much paint on your hands!

Monster Truck (tune: I'm a little tea pot)
(Use sturdy paper plates as steering wheels 
and have the kids run around the room driving)

I'm a great big monster truck
With big wheels,
When I drive by
The people always cheer!

When I rev my engine
Watch me zoooom...
Better watch out
Because I need some room!
Honk, honk!

Ring Around the Monster Truck

(Put a large monster truck in the middle on the room and we played.)

Ring around the monster truck
Time to rev your engine
Smash, crash
We all fall down

Back at the station
Filling up with gas
Vroom, Vroom
We all stand up!

I did this some art project using trains...

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