Monday, January 26, 2015

Kaos Defeated - Skylanders Party Pinata

The things we do for our kids!  For the second year in a row, my son wanted a Skylanders themed birthday party.  Having to come up with some new, exciting ideas, we decided a great way to end the party was to DEFEAT Kaos (the main villain).  What better way, than smashing a piñata.
Thinking this would be a great bonding experience, I found myself doing the messy part.  The project was simple, just glad I started a week in advance to give the paper mache layers time to dry.  I did one layer a night - 4 layers of newspaper and the final layer was white copy paper.  The pinata lasted 9 kids,  3 hits each before it broke!!

 Here is the punch balloon we covered.  Torn pieces of newspaper dipped in a mixture of flour and water.
 After the final layer (white copy paper), we painted it skin color.
  My husband had fun drawing Kaos' face.  It turned out perfect.  We cut a hole in the top and filled it with goodies.  Then we made two holes and strung ribbon through to hang up.

It was a "hit"...the kids loved it!  More party highlights here:

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