Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trap Team Birthday

 For the second year in a row, my son wanted a Skylanders party.  Last year was Swap Force  This year was Trap Team.  We started the party outside and played a couple games.
The first game the kids had to knock down the bottles to "release the trapped Skylanders".  One person had to keep the bottles from being knocked down by the incoming balls thrown by the players in the other ring.  It was exciting.  They took turns being the trapped person and the guard.
This games was inspired by the Trapmaster, Gusto.  The kids had to see who could keep the balloon off the ground the longest.  The second round they could not use their hands.
The next game (not pictures here), was Chompie Smash.  We played it last year and had to do it again.  I blew up about 30 balloons and the kids had to smash the balloons, anyway they wanted.  Loud, but fun!
Next was the scavenger hunt.  Each kid got glow sticks as their light element.  Then a map of the neighborhood and clues.  Each location had something to do with an element or character and a goodie to put in their bag.
For dinner they had " Hot Dogs" and "Small Fries", based off the character names.
  The cake was supposed to look like the portal, but close enough.  When my son blew out the candles, we placed a new trap character on the cake as a surprise.

Finally they had to Defeat Kaos!  We made the piñata and filled it with bubble gum, chocolate gold coins and small prizes.  Directions here:
While they waited for their parents, we had a dance party inside with a disco ball.  The party was a success!!!

Happy Birthday Shay!!!!

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