Thursday, October 23, 2014

Second Annual Halloween Fun

Tonight was the night for my son's second annual spooky play date and dinner.  He had three friends over for games, science experiment, dinner and a spooky treaaure hunt.

Thanks to our great neighbors for participating.  I had dropped off rhyming clues and small goodies at their houses earlier that day.
 Dinner consisted of mummy dogs, ghost quesidilla, grape snake and vampire blood punch with an ice cube that contained a gummy worm inside.
 The bug slime didn't turn out like I had seen in pictures online, but the kids still LOVED it.  Their giggles and squeals were priceless.  They also had glow sticks and played a ring toss game in a dimly lit room.

Door decoration

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Spider Web Paintings

 Another classic art project...
Black construction paper
White paint
Marbles or gold ball
Plastic spoon and small bowl
 9x13 pan

Place construction paper in pan.  Pour small amount of paint in small bowl and drop in marbles.  Have  child spoon out the marbles
and drop on paper.  Child holds the pan and moves it back and forth to move the marble around to create a web.  Then tape a spider ring or spider cutout on the web.

This is a great project to practice fine motor skills by using the spoon to collect the marbles.

Halloween Drawings

Today I took out one of my favorite Halloween books.   Ed Emberley's Halloween Drawing Book is an easy, step by step drawing book using basic shapes.  This year my 6 year old had fun making all kinds of spooky pictures and details.