Sunday, March 3, 2019

Arrow of Light Celebration Tips

Last night was our Arrow of Light Ceremony.  It was filled with many special memories, laughter and tears.  We are so proud of our boys!

1.  Arrows:  We ordered the arrows online and I highly recommend it!  The moms got together one night and we put them together.  It was a fun night talking about our boys and planning the ceremony.  We watched the instructional video provided and were done, no problems.  I know other dens have their boys put them together.  Super easy.
Arrown of Light

2.  Photo Cubes:. Each boy had to sand and paint a 3"x 3" wooded cube blue and yellow at a den meeting.  I then printed out 5 photos of each boy and Mod Podged them on each face of the cube. The bottom was an image of the Cub Scout ranks I found online. The boys presented them to their parents during the ceremony.

Memory Cube

3.  Cake Pops and Rice Krispies:  Our amazing moms volunteered to make the desserts and they were perfect - simple and delicious.  No need for plates and forks...just some napkins.
Blue and Gold Cake Pops

4.  Photo Slide Show:  We made a photo slide show of the boys and their cub scout journey to show during the ceremony.  It was a special tribute to our boys!

CONGRATULATIONS Den 5 boys from Pack 774!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


FortNite Nerf Game
 Who wouldn't want a Fortnite Party?
We kept it all pretty simple this year...a fun park to keep the boys occupied, yummy snacks, drinks and cake, Fortnite music and dancing and a game (which involved a Nerf gun).  We opted out of a Loot Llama pinata and instead, the kids had to shoot a target to get their "goodie" to take home.  They loved it!  My son helped me with the goodie bags and med kit rice krispie treats.  All Fortnite emotes/images were found online.  See pictures below for the Fortnite All Nite target shooter game.  I found the POP Fortnite keychains at Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic as their prize.
 There were also V bucks chocolate coins in their bags.       

How to Make the Fortnite Shooter Game: One cup per party guest.  I poked 2 holes in each cup and placed on the box as to where I wanted them to be.  Then I poked string through the cups and box and tied on the inside of the box.

Then we placed the prize in each cup and taped tissue paper over the opening of the cup.  That's it!
Each guest took turns shooting until their broke through one of the cups.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Where Does the Time Go?

As I sit here and reflect on the ornaments hanging on our Christmas tree, I can't help but feel that I am a lucky mom!
This has been one of my favorite ornaments and it is always placed near the top!  I remember that Christmas well as we were awaiting the arrival of our first born.  I had just resigned from 10 years of teaching kindergarten and I was nervous, scared and excited to hold that baby boy.  Well some things have not changed, I still love holding that boy and have the same feelings!!!
When I started this blog back in 2009, I wanted to share all the fun and educational things that I did with my son with other moms.  Being a stay-at-home-mom, I loved being with my son.  Plus my husband said, use your "school stuff" or get rid of it!  I did well for awhile documenting our journey together, but life happened and I got busy!  We moved to Northern California, welcomed our second son in 2012 and moved back to Orange County in 2014.  Since then, I went back to the classroom.   My goal this year it to document what I am doing in the classroom and share my creativity with other moms and teachers.  
This photo sums it up, where I started as a mom and where we are today!
Looking forward to 2019!