Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What To Do With All the Plastic Easter Eggs?????

It is not even Easter, and we have a bunch of plastic eggs littering the house from various egg hunts we've been on so far.  Here are just a few fun games you can play with your child to put the eggs to good use.
1. Take an empty egg carton and number the spots with a permanent marker from one to twelve.  Then take 12 eggs and number them from one to twelve.  Have your child match the eggs to the correct number.
2.  To add on to the egg carton, have your child count out beads to match the number written on the egg and place them inside.  Only do this activity with children who won't put the beads in their mouth!!!  Then ask which egg makes the most noise when you shake them.
3.  SORT the eggs by color, size or design depending on the type of eggs you have.  Then count to see which color has the most or least.
4.  Put beads or beans inside the eggs and tape them shut.  You now have egg shakers.  Put on some music and shake your eggs.
5.  Make cotton ball animals to put inside your eggs to see what will hatch.  Glue paper eyes and ears to the cotton ball and put in the egg.
6. Write the letters of the alphabet on both parts of the eggs and break the eggs apart.  Have your child match the letters to make an egg.  You can put a capital letter on the top and the lower case letter on the bottom for more of a challenge.
7.  Fill the eggs with various small items around the house (buttons, sand, pebbles, rice, coins, etc) and have your child shake the egg and then guess what is inside.
8.  Put the eggs in the bath tub and see what your child will do...
Do you have any fun ideas to share????

Have a wonderful, eggstra special Easter!

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  1. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.