Sunday, May 23, 2010

Treasure Found

Looking for something exciting to do outside...go on a treasure hunt.
First you need special binoculars and they are easy to make: take two empty toilet paper rolls and staple them together (side by side).  Then punch two holes on the sides and put string through.  Have your child decorate them while you make your list of items to find on your hunt.

I created a list of items to "LOOK FOR" and items they can "TOUCH" to put in their bags.  This is a great way to develop vocabulary and become more aware of their surroundings.  Be sure to have them use their special binoculars!

"LOOK" items can include: birds, clouds, bugs, flower, water...

"TOUCH" items they can collect to put into their bags.  Some ideas: a big leaf, a small rock, blade of grass, pinch of sand...
 While out on the search, try using other senses too.  Ask your child: "Do you hear the birds? Can you smell the flowers?"  Kids love looking for treasure.  After the hunt your child will love to look at all the items they collected in their bag.

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