Monday, July 19, 2010

B is for BUBBLES Part 2

After making the bubble art, we played a bubble game using the song, Ten Little Bubbles.  I did this in my class and the kids LOVED it!
I cut out ten circles from construction paper, all different colors and different sizes.  The kids had to put the 10 "colored bubbles" in order from smallest to biggest.  We taped them to the wall to see the bubbles getting bigger.  Then as we counted them I wrote the number on the bubble.  Then we sang our song, Ten Little Bubbles.  We sang the song from one to ten and then counted backwards from ten to one.  I passed out a small, soft squishy ball to each child.  As we sang the second verse over and over again, "Pop those, pop those, pop those bubbles" the kids had to throw their ball and try and hit the bubbles on the wall.  They we squealing with excitement.  While they were throwing the balls, I would  say, "pop the red bubble" or "pop the biggest bubble" or "who can pop bubble with the number two on it?".  It was fun!!!

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