Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Edible Christmas Trees

These trees are fun to make and delicious for kids of all ages!  Supplies needed: white icing, green food coloring, cone shaped ice cream cones, small candies to decorate as ornaments, coconut and animal crackers.
Mix the white icing with a few drops of the green food coloring.  Put some icing on child's paper plate and place the cone upside down in the icing.  Now your kids can start decorating.   Use a plastic knife or popsicle stick to spread the icing all over the ice cream cone.  Then press the small candies all around the green tree.  Sprinkle coconut to look like snow.  Finally, place animal cookies around the plate using icing to hold them up.
Look at those smiles!  This is also a great activity to do at the park as a holiday get-together.  You can have your guests bring one wrapped Christmas book and do a book gift exchange.  Don't forget to bring coffee for the moms!


  1. Genius!!! You are so clever and creative!

  2. I love this idea Diana! So cute...the kids apparently loved it too! XO - Carm

  3. you are so creative! i love this Diana :)

  4. ps, i just 'followed you'...come by and visit me and follow me anytime :) :) in the bloggersphere huh?