Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Handprint

Santa Handprint

Santa Handprint:  This can be a card to send to grandma or use as an ornament.  It is so cute and easy to make a bunch at one time.  All you need is white and red paint.  Using a sponge paint brush paint the fingers and palm white (Santa's beard and face) and the thumb and top of the hand red (Santa's hat).  Press your child's hand onto green paper.  Try to have the fingers stay together and stretch the thumb out.  You just have to reapply/touch-up the paint to the hand to make more.  Once it dries you can add the face with marker and a cotton ball to the end of Santa's hat.
*Some kids may not want their hand painted.  Tell them you are going to "tickle" their hand or let them feel the paint brush on their hand before you add the paint.
If you decide to make it into an ornament, this is a cute poem to attach to the back:
When you hang this ornament
From year to year,
I hope it brings you a smile
From ear to ear
This handprint Santa will
Help you to remember,
How small I was in 2010 -
In the month of December. 

Stay tuned for more Holiday crafts...

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