Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here are just a few fun things to do with snowflakes
1.  Cut snowflakes out of coffee filters and let your kids color or paint them
2.  Paint your child's hand white and put down on blue paper to create a snowflake. 
3.  Snowball Fight!  Take white tissue paper or white copy paper and crumple them up.  Then toss around or at each other.  Let the fun begin!  You can also write a letter on the paper before your crumple up. After the few tosses, call out a letter and have the kids see if they have the special snowball.


There are so many fun activities to do with mittens 
1.  Matching mittens - cut out paper pairs of mittens using different colors and sizes.  Have your child match and count the pairs.  Talk about which ones are small, medium or large.  You can also practice rhyme.  "This mitten rhymes with mellow, can you find the _____ (yellow)."
2.  After matching, have them paint the mittens.  For kids who are older, you can talk about symmetry. 
3.  Read Three Little Kittens or The Mitten by Jan Bret
There are lots of ideas and activities on Jan Bret's website.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

2011 looks to be an exciting year!  It is January 2nd and we started potty training.  I don't know if there is ever the right time to start, but I figured it is a new year and we don't have much going on this week.  I am so grateful for Facebook.  I wrote a post asking for suggestions and I was amazed by all the responses.  Most importantly I got the support and confidence I needed from my friends.  Day One complete: two stickers on the "train track" sticker chart and lots of wet underpants.  Time for laundry.  Looking forward to another day of hanging around the house tomorrow!
This is the site I found the train potty chart.  There are others to choose from...