Monday, March 14, 2011

Hunt for the Golden Letters - St. Patrick's Day Fun

After all this talk about leprechauns and rainbows, we thought it would be fun to go on a hunt to find the Pot of Gold!  
1.  I had prepared the gold coins ahead of time.  I took gold (or yellow) card stock, cut them into 2 inch squares and cut off the corners to create the coins.  I then wrote the letters of the alphabet on the coins.  One side capital letters and the other side lower case.  I scattered the letter coins all over the grass.
2.  The kids made a pot of gold and rainbow basket to hold all the gold they find.  I cut a sturdy white paper plate in half and the kids colored the back of the plates black.  I took another sturdy paper plate, cut it in half and took one side and cut to make an arc.  The kids then colored it to look like a rainbow.  I stapled the rainbow arc into the pot.
3.  Once they were done with their baskets, we headed outside to look for the leprechaun.  They were so surprised and excited to find gold all over the grass.  They quickly scooped up the gold and put inside their baskets.
4.  After all the gold was collected, we came back inside to sort through all their letters.  The kids said this was the best day ever!!!!

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  1. Pretty clever Diana, but a grandpa would have bought a few bags of gold foil covered chocolate coins and let them figure out how to open them.