Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photo Gifts

This project is for the moms.  These were my "crafty" Christmas gifts for my family last year.
Basic Directions:
1. Cut or buy a wood block from your local craft store the size you want
2.  Paint sides that will not have a photo
3.  While drying, choose your photos.  You may print off your computer using cardstock or photo paper.  Trim photos to fit the sides of your block
4. Mod Podge your photos onto the blocks.  Paint onto the block first, place photo, then Mod Podge onto of photo.
* For the ornaments, I used 4 photos to go around the block.  Then used a staple gun to attach a mini bow on the top of the block.  Finally, tie a piece of ribbon through the bow and write the year on the bottom.  I thought this would be a great ornament to do each year of your children.  You can pick 4 of your favorite photos of your child from the year.  What a great way to look back at your child's growth.

*The larger blocks (2 1/2 inch) were for my parents.  Each block represented one of their children (3) and their family.  The fourth block included everyone's wedding photo and grandchildren altogether. The top of each block I printed out a family photo with a typed verse on it.  This is something they can keep out all year.

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