Saturday, March 24, 2012

What to do with Large Pieces of Cardboard

It seems like since our move we have had large boxes lying around.  So we decided to get creative when they all did not fit inside our recycle bin.  *FYI...if you are in need of some cardboard you can always go to your local hardware store and ask them for some!
Here are some ideas:
1.  Puppet Theater:  Unfold the box and lye it flat on the floor.  Cut an opening in the box to make the stage. Keep it simple or decorate theater with paint and curtains.  I used a kitchen towel and attached at the top with clothes pins for the curtains.  Once dry, stand upright and let the show begin!
2.  Race Track or Train Track:  Draw a track directly on the cardboard.  My son loves his race track.  I made a train track and brought it to my son's train birthday party at the park.  It was a hit!
3.  Turn the race track into a large board game by drawing lines to make spaces.  Decide which space you need to stop and get gas (lose a turn) or where your can "zoom" ahead and move ahead two spaces.   Take turns rolling a die and move along the track.  Who will be the winner of the race?  *You can also write letters or numbers on the spaces and have your child tell you what is on their space.
4.   House Hunt:  Draw a simple picture of your house which includes windows, door, rooms.  Go on a hunt around your house to look and count the number of doors, windows, rooms, tv's, bathrooms, tables, etc.  Record the information on your house drawing.  Have your kids come up with things to add and count.
I found this website that has 32 Uses of Cardboard Box...have fun!
These projects are easy to store - fold up and put in closet or under bed.

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