Monday, April 9, 2012

Parent Praise

Hear what parents are saying:
I had the pleasure of attending Diana O’Daniels’ (“Miss Diana”) classes for 18 month – 3 year olds for 5 months. I have nothing but wonderful things to say, and in fact I am disappointed that she has relocated because I was hoping to take her class with my second child who will be 18 months in July.

With my oldest child I took several Music type classes and Paint, Paste and Pour classes and I would by far say that Diana’s class was head and shoulders above these classes. I enjoyed the format she used for her class, which consisted of a 50 minute class which had a daily theme broken up into a simple, yet creative and fun art project, followed by music, discussion, and story, all tied into the theme, then followed by time for the kids to get up, march around and dance, play with instruments, scarves, or balls…needless to say it was a packed 50 minutes, which was perfect for the attention span of a toddler. I LOVED the fact that I was getting a little bit of everything in her class: art, music, movement, and on top of that, there was education tied in. Some of the topics that we covered were rain, rainbows, frogs, worms, trains, butterflies… and there was a small informational lesson about each topic, tied into introductions to letters, colors and numbers. The cherry on top of all this was Miss Diana. She is kind, patient, fun and engaging.  Diana has a fun and appealing class to match her personality which kept me coming back. The only reason we stopped attending her class is because my son began attending school which interfered with Diana’s class, and as I previously mentioned I was looking forward to signing my second child up for her class once he was old enough. I am very disappointed that we don’t have her class anymore, and there is nothing that even comes close to replacing it in our community. Our community took a big loss when Diana left.
  - Ann, San Clemente

Dear Miss Diana,
Thank you so much for the pictures and for making this an amazing class. Nicholas and I have done a lot of "mommy and me", music, art, and gym classes and this is by far the most interactive, organized, and fun. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into making this class very worthwhile for the children!
See you next week and definitely next session!
Nicholas' mom

If you haven't heard of this class...and you haven't heard of Mrs. O'Daniels...then you HAVE TO CHECK IT/HER out!!!  Marcos took her class in the fall at the Talega Swim and Athletic Club and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't sing enough praise for Mrs. O'Daniels.  She is smiley, loving, energetic, smart, and super enthusiastic.  One of the best teathers I have EVER seen.  Marcos LOVED it and learned a lot.  Check it out!!  You won't be disappointed.  We love it so much, we are doing it again!!!  

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