Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo Placemat

Class Photo Placemat

As a good-bye gift for the kids in the preschool class, we make a photo collage placemat.  I made an 11x14 (legal size) collage of photos using Print Shop.  Any photo program will work.  I made color copies at the local UPS store and glued it on a full size piece of construction paper.  On the reverse, each child made their hand prints out of white paint.  I then printed out the prayer that the kids said each day at snack.  You can write special memories or poem.  Once complete, I went to Lakeshore Learning and laminated them.  I found this to be the best price for laminating.
Each child will have a special mat of all their class friends to use for eating or playdough/crafts.

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