Monday, January 21, 2013

Smashing Good Time

We celebrated my son's fifth birthday Angry Bird Style!  It was actually perfect because after our move, we had plenty of boxes to smash and crash.

King Pig Tower

Angry Bird Structures

When the boys arrived there were three games they could play.  One was the Matel Angry Bird game.  That was on the coffee table.  The second was The King Pig Tower.  The kids had to create a tower out of green plastic cups.  Then they threw plush angry birds at it to crash it down.  (Be sure to put this game on carpet otherwise it gets loud when they fall or do outside.)  The third game was outside on the patio.  The kids made structures out of boxes then took turns knocking it down with Angry Bird stuffed animals.  Needless to say, the boys were entertained knocking down the various towers and structures.

Edible Structure
After some playing it was time for Angry Bird lunch.  I wish I took a picture, but I made sandwiches and cut each one into 3 rectangles. I placed them on their plate to look like an angry bird structure.  I put one strawberry and pineapple triangle for the birds.  I found Angry Bird cheese crackers at the store.  The kids didn't eat much but it looked cute.  After lunch and some more playing, the kids made an edible angry bird structure.  They used white frosting to hold the cookies and gummy Angry Birds in place.

Overall, the party was a smashing good time!

Side note:  I am keeping the green cups for a way to build number recognition.  I will be writing numbers (1-30) on the inside on the cups.  We will take turns picking a cup, reading the number, then adding it to the structure.  If we read the number incorrectly, we have to put the cup back down.  Once all the cups are stacked, then it is time to knock it down!

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