Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day LOVE Hunt

We are always up for a "hunt" and Valentine's Day is  a perfect excuse to go on a "LOVE" hunt.  There are a few ways to do it, depending on the age of your children or spouse.
Very young at HEART:  Cut up hearts in various colors and sizes and scatter them along a train that your child must follow.  At the end of the "love" trail have a small surprise for them.

Young at Heart: Come up with rhyming clues and have your child go on a hunt from one heart clue to the next.  For example:  Leave a clue on the front door so when they come home from school they can begin their heart hunt.  Some clues might be:  "You have to use your BRAIN, go look where you keep your ______."  Leave a clue on a toy train.  OR  "For a better LOOK, go find your favorite ______."  Leave a clue on a book.  Find things around your house that you can make up a rhyme for and leave the written clues on hearts.  At the end have a special surprise.

Fun at Heart:  Leave "love" notes around the house written on hearts.  Write reasons why you love that person.  For example, on the bathroom mirror, coffee pot, tv remote...

I AM Loved!

Hope your day is filled with fun, LOVE and simple surprises!

Heart #1  place on floor with these words

You will have to use your "smarts"
And follow the clues on these valentines day hearts. 
Look at this heart upon the floor
For your fist clue go look on your ___ (tape next clue on door)

Now you have to use your brain
Look where you keep Thomas the ____(put next clue on train)

This is where you rest your head
Go look underneath your _____ (put next clue under bed)

 This is where you go to eat
A clue is on a yummy ____ (put clue on a treat in kitchen)

For your next clue, please don't bump
This is where we love to _____( put clue on trampoline)

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