Monday, May 20, 2013

Father's Day Gift Idea

Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation are behind us and yet another holiday will be here before we know it.  As I write this, I initially thought this would be a Father's Day gift idea....however you could do this for an end of year gift for your teacher or save for another loved one.

I asked my son these 5 questions, but you can ask any question you like:
What is your daddy's name?
What color are his eyes and hair?
What does daddy like to do?
What do you like to do with daddy?
Why do you love daddy?

I found a photo of my boys and imported it to Printshop.  I made the opacity of the photo 80% so you can see the text.  Then I typed over the photo the answers to the questions.  Be sure to include the date! I printed it out and inserted it in a frame my son painted.  (I found the wood frame at Michael's Craft Store for $1.)  On the back my son wrote his name and put the date.  This is the one we made last year, but I think I might make it again.  It will be fun to hear how he answers the questions this year.


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