Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Fun

OK...I am "that" mom.  I thought it would be fun to have a few boys over for some Halloween fun, which included apple munch, spooky dinner and a scavenger hunt.  (I realized that hanging an apple from a string is a great way to get my son to eat apples.  He has been asking for more hanging apples!)  Dinner consisted of grapes on a stick (in a pattern, of course), mummy dogs and/or ghost shaped sandwich, veggie sticks and tomatoes. The drink was red "blood" punch.  They ate outside in candlelight.  After dinner the doorbell rang and the scavenger hunt began with clues and mini lights for each of the boys.  I made up rhyming clues that had the kids go to the neighbors asking for more clues.  They had a blast!
Ninja Pose after the Hunt
I found some eyeball treats at the store and made rhyming clues to go with them.  Have fun making up your own clues.  They are silly but the boys loved it!
Here are my clues...

1.  My eyes have been watching you...Here is a little light to help find
your way tonight. (mini finger lights)  Listen closely to clue number #1 and let us begin a little fun.  I am no longer here, and away I flew to a house that has a one and a ... two.

2.  In case you get in a little trouble, I have for you an eyeball...bubble. (eyeball bubbles)
You need to use your eyes to find another prize. Carefully head next door, if you want to find out...more!

3.  We don’t want to hear any moans, when we give you a bag of...bones.(bone candy)
Now, use your feet and carefully walk across the... street.

4. You deserve something sweet.  Here is a little eyeball... treat.  (chocolate eyeballs)
For your final clue tonight, you will get one last light.
You made it my house number 7, now it’s time to head back to house #...11! (light-up bouncy balls)

The boys ran from house to house, so excited to get the next clue!

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