Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Hands" Down cutest Lucky Clover

 In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d keep this project O’SIMPLE!  Yes, a lucky clover using only green paint or giant ink pad and cardstock or blank canvas.  Tip: have wet wipes close and paint outside or on a washable surface.  This creates less stress for you!
What makes this craft so special is the Irish Blessing you can add:
For each petal on this shamrock
This brings a wish your way,
Gook luck, good health, good friends, and happiness
For Today and Everyday!
March 17, 2014
(Modify text to fit your project- see photo)

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, maybe because I married into an Irish name (O’Daniels) or that I love the magic of leprechauns and rainbows.  There are so many fun ways to celebrate this day with your wee ones.  I like to leave notes from Lucky, the Leprechaun starting March first.  I encourage my son to write back and see if Lucky leaves us any clues to his pot of gold. We go on nature walks and listen for the tapping of shoemaking in the grass from the leprechauns, listen to Irish music and dance the jig.  On St. Patricks Day, I decorate the house with rainbow streamers, go on a hunt for Lucky and eat Lucky Charms.  Sometimes the toilet water is green!  You never know what mischief Lucky has in store for us!
I have lots of other ideas found on the left found under St. Patrick's Day.
How do you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day???

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