Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time to Stomp like an Elephant

It is always fun to learn about elephants because it gets you up and stomping. 
Stomp your feet.
Swish your tail.
Blow your trunk.

One of my favorite songs:
One Elephant Went Out To Play (Action Song)
Choose one child to come to the middle of your circle and chant:
One elephant went out to play
Up on a spider's web one day
He/she had such ENORMOUS fun
He/she called for another elephant come. (Have the child invite a classmate to join them).
Continue until all your little elephants are in the center. I put painter's tape on the floor to represent the "spider'web".  The little ones loved it!

The craft was done with white and black paint mixed together to make gray.  The kids loved watching the white paint disappear.  They sponge painted the elephant shape.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

HANDS and FEET Fine Art

Looking for some color, something unique, and something you can treasure over the years for your kids?  Pick up a large, square canvas at Aaron Brothers and colors of washable paint to match their room.  It is risky to do multiple hand prints of infants and toddlers, so try painting their foot and press on the canvas in random spots.  Then, paint an older child's left hand one color and right hand another color and press around the foot prints.  Rotate the canvas so the prints are going in different directions.  Write their names, ages and date on the back.  After it is dried, add this masterpiece to their room.  It will just what the room needed to make it complete.  I hope this inspires you to create some of your own unique pieces of art.  They would make great gifts for grandparents too!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Marshmallow Bunny Painting

I wanted to come up with something easy and fun for my first mommy and me class.  The theme is On the Move and this week we are focusing on bunnies and hopping.
 I pre-cut the bunny shape and they glued it down on the paper.  Next they dipped the marshmallow in the white paint.  *The best part was they didn't know that you could eat the marshmallow.  Maybe next year they will figure it out!  The project turned out cute.  They liked squishing the marshmallow and their fingers got a little sticky.  Keep wet wipes close.  Next time I want to try painting with Peeps. How cute would that be...stayed tuned!