Friday, May 30, 2014

LOVE Kinetic Sand

This year the boys were given Kinetic Sand at Easter from our neighbor.  I was a bit nervous that it would be a huge mess but it wasn't and they LOVED it!  I wait to post about it just in case they fell out of love with it or if it was too messy to have around the house with a toddler.  Well I have to say, "WE ALL LOVE IT!"  My six year old plays with it all the time.  He puts LEGO characters in it, makes volcanos and hides treasures.  My toddler loves playing with it and is great for that fine motor development.  It is amazing how well it has lasted.  I even love playing with it!  I highly recommend it for a quiet time activity.  I put it in an old 9x13 pan and the rule is that it stays in the pan. It can be purchased at Michaels Craft Stores.  Have Fun!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Garbage Truck Art

This project was inspired by our favorite garbage truck book, Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash by Barbara Odanaka.

Monster Truck Art

Boys of all ages seem to love monster trucks. They are also great to use to paint tire tracks. They have great tread and are easy to roll without getting too much paint on your hands!

Monster Truck (tune: I'm a little tea pot)
(Use sturdy paper plates as steering wheels 
and have the kids run around the room driving)

I'm a great big monster truck
With big wheels,
When I drive by
The people always cheer!

When I rev my engine
Watch me zoooom...
Better watch out
Because I need some room!
Honk, honk!

Ring Around the Monster Truck

(Put a large monster truck in the middle on the room and we played.)

Ring around the monster truck
Time to rev your engine
Smash, crash
We all fall down

Back at the station
Filling up with gas
Vroom, Vroom
We all stand up!

I did this some art project using trains...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hammer Time!

This is a great anytime activity for that beginner builder to practice hammering without getting hurt.  This is a sturdy styrofoam ice chest.  Make sure it is sturdy or else it will break apart and make a mess.  He is hammering in golf tees.  I plan on getting colored tees to make patterns and designs.  It is also fun taking them out.  Hours and hours of fun!!!!