Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sweet Potato Experiment

There are lots of experiments online that show the results of growing an organic vs. non-organic potato but we wanted to try it ourselves.  We took two sweet potato from Trader Joes, one "Organic" and one "Non-Organic" and put them in cups suspended in water halfway by toothpicks.  We placed them in a sunny window and added water as needed.  Within ONE week there were sprouts from the Organic potato, nothing on the non-organic.  About 4 weeks into the experiment, we decided to throw the non-organic potato away because it was starting to get slimy on the bottom and still NO GROWTH! 
It was fun to watch the organic sweet potato grow because it was like Jack in the Beanstalk!  It grew so fast and the boys got excited!  After 10 weeks and a windowsill full of sweet potato vines, it was time to do the final measure and plant into the ground.
Hmmm, I see something!

Wow, that's tall!

Check out these roots!!!!

Time to plant!

Unfortunately our experiment ended when we found out that rabbits enjoy the leaves of a sweet potato.  Within a few days, all the leaves were gone!

It was a great opportunity to talk about organic vs. non-organic, pesticides in our food and how it changes the food we eat, the role of water and sun to help things grow, measuring the growth of the vine, shape of leaves and for fun, reading Jack and the Beanstalk and creative writing.

Here is a great video to show your kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ugqjGgWNAY

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