Saturday, September 17, 2016

Writing Numbers can be FUN!

My son was turning 4 so we were looking at different ways to show the number 4!  We counted fingers and toes, Goldfish, crackers and rocks at the beach.  He wanted to write the number so I showed him as I said my number rhyme.  He immediately learned the rhyme and was making fours.  (I wasn't focusing on pencil grip, I wanted him to feel successful making the number.)

"Down, over, out the door.  That's the way you make a four!"
There are rhymes for all the numbers that are catchy and easy to learn.
Tips: There are all sorts of surfaces to practice writing letters and numbers.  We love "back writing" with your finger.  Practice writing on mom's back.  Or go outside and write with a paintbrush in a bucket of water.

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