Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter Hunt

Why wait for the Easter Bunny to go on a HUNT?
Today we went on a letter hunt.  I printed the letters of the alphabet and cut them apart.  I spread them out all over the grass.  Each child had their own bag and had to collect letters.  They put the letters in ABC order and practiced saying the letter names and sounds.

Hunt Variations: sight words, numbers (put them in order), upper case and lower case letters (match the letters), pictures of rhyming words

We also made special letter spotter binoculars to help find the letters. The kids decorated their binoculars with letter stickers.   For directions click here:

It was so fun to see the kids run around the grass collecting their letters as they used their binoculars!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Fun

MOMMY and ME  and Move and Groove Through the Alphabet (Pre-K) classes begin July 7 at the Talega Clubhouse.  For more information click on the link below

For students going into Kindergarten or First Grade I will be offering a 2 hour workshop on August 24 at the Talega Clubhouse to get them excited about starting school.

Kindergarten -  9:00-11:00  We will be playing games that focus on letters, sounds, numbers, rhyme and name recognition.  We will reading stories about starting Kindergarten and talk about what to expect that first day!

First Grade - 1:00-3:00  We will be playing games that focus on sight words, letters, sounds and number recognition to 100.  It will be a fun way to review what they learned in Kindergarten.  We will discuss what to expect on their first day of school.
Email me for more information or a registration form

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Choo Choo Tracks

It seems like all day, every day I hear some sort of train, plane or automobile sound coming from my two year old.  Today we made some "tracks" from some of his trains and trucks using paint.
You need: paper, paint, old trains or trucks and a safe area to paint.   I recommend using toys that have wide wheels or have some tread.  The 99 Cent Store has a great collection. I used some of my veggie containers from the store to hold the paint.
Directions: Pour paint into containers and watch your child have fun pushing their train in the paint and then onto their paper.  My son really got into his art project.  He was saying "Choo, Choo" as the tracks appeared.
For kids who are older, try writing the letter "T" on the paper first and review the sound.  As they are going over their paper they can make the "T" sound as they make their "tracks" with their "train".
Here is a song we like to sing. 
Clickety clickety clickety clack
Hear the train coming down the track
Chug chug chug
And up the hill it climbs
Listen to the whistle
 blow (4) times
Choo, Choo, Choo, Choo (changes depending on the number you use)