Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ladybug Hike for the New YEAR!

We survived the Holidays and now we are off and running into the NEW YEAR! Having a two year old doesn't allow for much down time. We started our year off with a family hike to find the hibernating lady bugs at the Redwood Regional Park off the Stream Trail.  Luckily I asked a passing family where they were because I think we would have walked right by them!  It was amazing to see all the ladybugs.
 I had read about this before and thought what a fun way to spend the day and let my little one be free to explore.  My soon-to-be seven year old loved it, however my two year old didn't want to walk.  Figures...and we didn't even bring the stroller.  We will definitely be going on more adventures together!
Here is where I first read about the ladybugs:

Don't forget to bring some snacks to keep the kids going! ;)

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